24 Hours of Cold Combat

I wasn’t going to succumb to the illness or wallow in self-pity, and I definitely couldn’t afford to let it deter me from going about my busy week. Instead, what followed was a rigorous commitment to health, daily trips to my local Pressed Juices store and a whole lot of tea.

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Time: Friend or Foe?

We may get caught up in the delegation of our personal clocks, become flustered and stressed, and allow the anxiety of fitting everything in – and fear of missing out – to dictate our opinion of time: that it controls us. While in fact, the reverse is true. For all it’s restraints, time is our friend; always constant and never changing.

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How To Wear: The Choker

Whether it’s a string of diamonds or a length of ribbon, the choker is having a major fashion moment. From the runway, where Dior’s neck scarves were embellished with jewels and an air of opulence, to the street, where Are You Am I’s delicate and seductive offerings are seen coiled around the necks of every It Girl and […]

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Like Kate Moss arriving late to an afterparty, Summer has – abruptly and with full force -decided to grace the Southern Hemisphere with its presence. But, while we’ve been hibernating away for the past six months, hiding beneath our soft knits and jumbo coffees, the rest of the world has been rejoicing and celebrating another […]

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Givenchy Spring 2016 //

It was all lace, silk and exposed skin at Riccardo Tisci’s New York Fashion Week debut. The Spring 2016 collection featured an after dark aesthetic, paying ode to Tisci’s impressive ten year career as creative director, and celebrating bringing the iconic brand to Manhattan stores. Ivory slip dresses and strapped camisoles with lace edges were shown, worn over […]

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